Hiding Behind Our Masks

„Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.” James A. Baldwin

I was running a hand through my hair, I mean my wing, when I noticed one of my best friends, Maggie, dancing with my other best friend’ best friend, Calum.
I smirked at her a few seconds after I catched her attention and she smiled back to me.
She was shining in her Betty costume moving her hips in rhythm with the music.
How come that I haven’t seen it until now?!
She was Betty and Calum was Barney.
They were matching.
I smiled sadly, not because I wasn’t happy for them or something, because it meant I was literally alone at our Halloween party at school.
At least, I had a chance to wear my super costume.
When the song changed I suddenly felt happier. It was one of my favorites and the people around me started to dance.
” ‘sup?!”
I turned my head instantly in the direction where I heard the voice a second ago. And I froze.
He was talking, but I was too busy biting my bottom lip to pay attention.
I tried not to look at him, but I couldn’t help it.
He was there.
My friend, freaking Prince, was there.
Of course, he couldn’t recognize me because I was wearing a wing and a grey mask, but I could recognise him.
He wasn’t costumed as a vampire, a ghost or as another boring and common monster like the rest of the boys.
He was a Roman Gladiator.
”Sorry, what,” I asked him.
”I asked you if you wanna dance with me.”
Whaat?! I didn’t even know how to respond.
I should have been happy because he asked me to dance, but he didn’t know that I was the one that he asked. He invited a pink haired girl that he was probably feeling sorry for or because he was liking her costume.
He didn’t invite me, his friend.
And that hurt me. So hard, because I’ve been foolish enough to fall in love with my friend.
”Uh…I,” I stopped when I saw his look. ”Yes, thank you,” I said politely when he grabbed my hand gently.
”So,” he started after we started our dance.”I’ve been watching you all night and I couldn’t figured out who are you, but you know what I know?!”
I took a deep breath and I nodded as not.
I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to know the answer, but I was pretty sure it was going to break my heart into pieces.
I whispered the word ”What?” barely audible and he’d spun me around before he answered.
”I know that I’ve liked you since the first moment I laid my eyes on you. You are just…different.”
Haha..I was right, the answer really broke my heart.
”I guess that’s a good thing, right?!”
I laughed sadly, not being able to say anything else.
”So, I know you’re from our highschool. What are you, a junior, a senior?”
What do you think?

He put his arm around my waist and smiled honestly and happily.
”Oh, that’s great.That means I know you. What’s your name?”
I felt tears in my eyes and I’ve fought with them for a few seconds.
I was so damn emotinal.
”It doesn’t really matter. What I think it matters is us dancing tonight.”
And right now he was hypnotizing me by his big puppy eyes.
”You’re right.”
When the song stopped and another one started, I pulled myself from his embrace.
I couldn’t hide myself, I couldn’t handle being around him anymore, but he’d cathed my arm before he pulled me back in his arms.
”Where are you going? I want to dance with you all night.”
”What if I don’t?!”
I knew he knew I was challenging him, but he didn’t do anything.
Shut up and dance with me,” he sang softly in my ear.
Man, he’s just used my favorite song’ lyrics.
He was right about dancing all night, he haven’t let me go for the next three songs.
”Can I try something,” he asked me while he was getting his face closer to mine.
No! My mind was screaming, but I was so frozen that my mouth couldn’t move.
No, no, no!
”What do you think you’re doing,” I finally reacted and pushed him away from me.
He looked very surprised, but just after he smiled amused.
”I thought it’s obvious, I was trying to kiss you.”
”Well, too bad, because I don’t want you to,” I said angrily.
I couldn’t believe he has just tried to kiss a girl that he had no idea who was.
”Oh, right…You think I’m trying to kiss you,stranger , but I know exactly who you are,” he said and snatched my mask.
I gasped surprised and I covered my face with my hands.
He knew and when I tried to go, to run away from him again, he didn’t let me.
”Hey, it’s fine, you don’t need to run.”
He took my hands off and raised my face making me looking straightly in his eyes.
”Why have you just done that,” I asked angrily, but at the same time confused.
”You’ve thought I can’t recognize you just because you’re wearing a costume and a damn mask. I’ve known you since I was born, I’d be so stupid if I wouldn’t have recognized you. I’ve been looking for you and staring at you since I arrived.
”You’re kidding,” I said raising up my eyebrows.
”Do I look like I’m kidding?”
He was serious. Oh My…
”Then why have you acted this way until now?”
He smirked and touched my shoulder.
”Because I was thinking about you. You didn’t say anything about your real identity and I believed you were more comfortable with your mask on, and then I realised you didn’t know I knew you’re you. I finally figured it out… You were, are afraid that I was goin’ to go away if you would have told me you’re you. You’re not just hiding your face, you’re hiding your fears, your feelings. I know you like me.”
I forced myself to laugh and punched him in his arm.
Whaaat,” my voice was rising, like usually, when I was lying.”You’re delusional.”
”Really,” he said ironically and pulled me against his chest, our faces being closer than ever. ”Then tell me you don’t feel anything for me. Tell me you don’t want me. Tell me you don’t want me to kiss you right now and I promise I won’t. Just tell me the truth, because trust me, I needed such a long time to become so courageous.”
I’ve tried… I have really tried to found that power in myself to tell him I didn’t want any of that, that I wasn’t in love with him, but I just couldn’t lie.
For the first time, I wanted to tell him the truth about my feelings.
”I can’t.”
He smiled and took my face in his hands almost touching our lips.
”Good. Because I don’t want us to hide behind our masks anymore and I also want, so hard, to kiss you.”
And he did, kiss, me hard and sweetly.


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