Coffee Shops And Music

”I’m changing, I’ve been the change…”

I was trying to write another lyric, but I couldn’t. The words just didn’t come…
It’s Ok, don’t freak out, you’ve been through this before! Just take a deep breath!
I was in this cafe waiting for my friend to come and help me finish my song . She’s always been great with words.
I froze when I heard my name called by a manly voice.
Of Course, he said ‘Christina’, not ‘Cristina’, but I raised my head reflexively anyway.
It was a boy, a boy who couldn’t be two years older than me. He was staring at a brown haired girl who was sitting at just one table in front of me.
He looked lost and confused running a hand through his blond hair after the girl nodded as not.
He smiled politely to her and muttered:
After a second, he looked up at me and I could recognise him.
”Oh My God, Christina,” he spoke totally surprised.
I nodded and stood up.
He came at my table and he hugged me tightly. We separated and we’d smiled for a few seconds before we sit next to each other.
I couldn’t help but staring at him. He was so different, so mature.
Last time I saw him it was five years ago. We were both fifteen and we were in Italy. My family and I were spending our last summer days there while he and his sister were visiting their aunt who was very sick.
His sister and I collided walking on the street and we’ve exchanged our phone numbers.
We met two days after and he seemed to be a great guy.
He was studying at a boarding school and he could use his phone just to talk with his parents and sometimes with his sister, so we didn’t keep in touch.
He used to have dirty blond hair and a very ‘Texas’ haircut, but now he’s more than handsome.
”Oh my…Look at you! What has happend to your hair? You’ve given up on your ‘ Texas’ look, huh?!”
He laughed looking not a bit surprised or ashamed. His eyes were big and brown and his smile made me smile.
”Well, I think it looks awesomer this way!”
I rolled my eyes after he stopped talking. I knew he said ‘ awesomer’ intentionally just to piss me off.
”Well, I have to agree, it looks more awesome this way.”
”What about yours, I see some highlights there.”
”Yeah,” I said quickly.” It’s my natural brown hair with some caramel highlights. I think is looks better this way.”
He laughed nodding his head. He had this thing that made me wanna hug him again. He was such a child!
”Yeah, these highlights look really great. But I think it’s a little bit funny. If I would have told you you’re gonna dye your hair, you would have laughed right in front of me. Or worse, you would have punched me.”
I laughed ironically and puched him in his arm just to get a reaction.
But he didn’t say or do anything.
”So, what is the problem, Miss Musculo? But first, what are you doing in NY City? Europe is far, far away.”
I bit my buttom lip with some force.
”Well, I’m here with some business. I called Elena to help me. Is she Ok?”
He played with his green T-shirt and he looked up at me.
”Yes, she’s fine. She was just really busy with her shop, so she sent me.”
I nodded and I smiled at him.
Poor Elena! She was working even on Sundays in her own shop.
”Oh,” I said whispering. ”Sorry, I don’t want to bother. I’m sure you have other important things to do, you can go. I’ll be fine, I hope.”
He didn’t say anything and actually he took off his leather jacket.
”Don’t be stupid! Now tell me, what is the problem?”
”Uh, I’m writing this song and now I have not any ideas how to continue it. I’m a mess.”
”You’re a songwriter,” he asked surprised and I nodded as not next second.
”Not really…”
”Then you’re a singer?”
His eyes were becoming brightly.
”Not really either.”
”Then why are you writing a song?”
”I’m a writer, not a songwriter. I write romance and my main character fell in love with a guy who loves music. He wants to tell her he still likes her, so I make him writing and singing an original love song.”
I took a deep breath after I stopped talking.
”So, in a nutshell, you don’t have inspiration and this guy really needs his song. Where do we start? Oh, but first let me have a coffee.”
”Oh, you can have mine,” I said quickly and pushed my coffee pot to him.
”But you didn’t even touch it.”
I laughed nervous.
”What? I refilled it.”
I had this thing…When I was lying, I was rising my voice. Probably he figured out because he smiled.
”Yeah, sure. But I’m curious why didn’t you choose another place for writing a song. Maybe the place is the problem. We should do it in a music shop, at a library or something.”
”I can’t go to the library,” I said in a disperate rush.
He looked at me oddly.
”Why? I know you may think you can’t do it there, but you don’t actually need to sing.”
”No,” I said quickly shaking my head. ”I, uh, don’t even like to study in a library.”
”I thought you need to be surrended by quiet people.”
”That’s the problem, it’s too quiet,” I mumbled.
Austin furrowed his brows at that.
”Too quiet,” he repeated amused.
”Yeah. The quiet makes me crazy, I like a little a noise. I realized that coffee shops were the best place for writing. The occasional noises and, of course, the smell of coffee.”
”OK, but are you sure, sure you want to give me your coffee?”
”Sure. It’s not like I paid for this one…”
Austin chuckled at me.
”Good thing the refills are free, right?”
No way,” Austin’s jaw dropped a bit while he was pointing a finger at me.” You don’t even like coffee!”
”Whaaat? I do.”
”Don’t lie to me! Are you, like, some sort of weird coffee shop squatter?”
I opened my mouth but I haven’t said anything for a few seconds.
Austin sighed deeply and dramatically. ”Why are you drinking coffee if you don’t even like it?”
”I like writing in coffee shops, but I can’t sit without ordering, and, uh, regular coffee is the cheapest thing on menu.”
”Oh, man, I love coffee! You’re so lucky you’re cute, because I would have killed you,” he grumbled under his breath.
”I’m sorry, did you say anything?”
Austin’s eyes widened:
”Nope, let’s just start with that song!”


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